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Champagne Alley: Tammee

Crouched in a closet, covered in blood, comforting her now-mute brother, Tammee Lewis was as frightened as any 13-year old girl would be. But because she knew she had to be strong, both for herself, and for her brother, she ventured out. What she found would change her life forever. Her family would be torn apart. Life as she knew it, however abnormal, was over. Tammee’s life would now be filled with shelters, examinations, and visits from detectives. Haunted by her past, frightened of her uncertain future, Tammee must grow up - and quickly if she wants to survive. Champagne Alley is raw, emotional, and sometimes violent, but it depicts a life that, unfortunately, some children must endure. While this is a work of fiction, readers should be aware that some of the content of this book might be disturbing.

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Quiet Room Charlee

Charlee Lewis is on the brink of adulthood. In eleven months, he will celebrate his eighteenth birthday and be on his own after spending the last five years in psychiatric hospitals and group homes for kids struggling with mental health disorders. Charlee hopes that the Amos Home will be his last placement before he can be his own boss after years of unfamiliar adults telling him what to do. But what he finds at the Amos Home is far more powerful than Charlee could have imagined. Taunted by memories of life before his mother’s tragic death and his painful separation from his siblings, Charlee must decide to challenge his haunting history or flee from encroaching psychological scars. Follow Charlee through life as a teen in residential treatment where mental health diagnoses are standard, tensions are brittle, emotions swim thick, and the future is often uncertain.

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Starlight Blue: A New Baby

It was bedtime and Paige was getting sleepy. But she was also very excited because Mommy was going to have a baby any day. Daddy pulled open the curtains and Paige saw her sun catcher shining in the starlight blue. "There once was a girl named Paige, who was cute as a button, " Daddy said. "And one day she woke up to find Mommy and Daddy getting ready to go to the hospital to have her baby brother Knighton..."

Story by by Ryan Lee Klingensmith and Sherri Ann Klingensmith. Illustrations by Marsha Rollinger.

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